Ph.D. Rules


  • Registration to the Ph.D. degree programme at this Institute is open to full-time regular students only and not to external students.
  • The condition of Rule I.A.1. above may be waived in the case of a student who wishes to be admitted to the Ph.D. degree programme, who fulfils the requirements laid down by the new rules of the UGC (2009), and who has a minimum of 5 years professional experience in a University or an Institute. However, for such a student a minimum attendance at the Institute of 180 days during the first three years of the course or the submission of the thesis, whichever is earlier, shall be compulsory. This shall be certified by the research guide of the student concerned.
  • A Ph.D. student shall be a bonafide student of the Institute live from the date of his registration to the Ph.D. degree, for a maximum period of five calendar years (six years if extension is granted) or submission of the thesis, whichever is earlier. As a bonafide student he will be entitled to Library, Gymkhana and hostel accommodation. He shall be governed by relevant rules in the matter. Since the bonafide studentship gets over after submission of the thesis, the student shall produce clearance certificates from the various sections / offices while submitting the thesis. He may be given the above facilities for a short period to prepare for the Viva-Voce and Open Defence examination.
  • A student who has been asked to re-submit his thesis after revision shall be eligible to apply for extension for one year to the Ph.D. degree programme within which period he shall submit his thesis.
  • The student shall submit six monthly progress report of the Ph.D. research work done by him alongwith the payment of six monthly fee installment. The report shall be submitted through his research guide.
  • Ph.D. student shall not be entitled to any vacation, but he may be given leave of one month in a year during which period he shall not be entitled to any scholarship/fellowship, etc.
  • Admission to the Ph.D. degree programme shall initially remain provisional. It shall be confirmed and a letter of confirmation of admission shall be issued to the student after it is approved by the Departmental Committee concerned.
  • The Departmental Committee which is empowered to grant admissions, reserves the right to reject the admission application / cancel the admission (even if confirmed) at any time of the Ph.D. degree programme, without assigning any reason thereof.
  • Application for Re-registration to the Ph.D. degree can be made by a student whose Registration to the Ph.D. degree was cancelled under Academic Rule Ph.D. X.3- (non-submission of thesis within five/six years), Ph.D. X.4- (failure to pay the fees), Ph.D.X.7 – (non-submission of Progress Report along with fees), or under Rule Ph.D.V.3.b he has been asked to resubmit the thesis. The application shall be submitted within a period of five years. Before applying for Re-registration he shall make all payments of fees etc. due from him for the registration period. Re-registration shall be approved by the Departmental Committee for a maximum period of one year. The thesis can be presented any time after Re-registration
  • If any matter pertaining to the Ph.D. degree programme is not covered by the Academic Bye-laws or the existing rule requires some urgent change, the same shall be referred to the Director and his decision in the matter shall have the standing of a rule. The rule shall be effective till such time that the matter is referred to the Academic Council / Management Council for consideration and necessary orders.
  • In case of conflict of opinion in the interpretation of any rule or part thereof pertaining to the Ph.D. degree programme, the decision of the Director of the Institute shall be final and binding on all concerned.

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