Infrastructure Facilities

The University occupies an area of about 115 acres. The Main building of the University was constructed in 1864 in the Gothic style. From time to time a number of buildings came up around the main building which are being used for various purposes.

The University has separate buildings for each Department, a well-equipped library, study rooms, student's hostels, mess, gymkhana, a recreational centre and residential quarters for staff. Besides, it has a well-furnished convocation hall, examination hall, two museums and common rooms for ladies. Complementary ramps with railings are installed in all the buildings for comfortable access to differently-abled visitors.

On the University campus are located a fullfledged branch of Central Bank of India with ATM facility, offices of American Institute of Indian Studies, French Institute for Oriental Studies and Western Regional Language Centre, adding a global color to the atmosphere on the campus. There are two canteens within the Campus. Recently, the University has constructed two new residential buildings for the non-teaching staff.

The Estate Department, Buildings and Works Committee, Campus Development and Maintenance Committee plan and ensure adequate physical infrastructure and their optimal utilization. The University has taken several initiatives during recent years to enhance infrastructural facilities, which includes construction of a new building for Archaeological Museum, infrastructural facilities for digitization and scanning of books and reference slips, computers and other advanced electronic devices to the staff, up-gradation of laboratories, and the establishment of language laboratory, etc.

The University has provided well-equipped archaeological laboratories, museums and the computer assisted language laboratory. This has not only helped in carrying out fundamental research but has created a conducive physical ambience for the faculty. The University has boys' hostel accommodating 54 males and girls' hostel accommodating 45 female students with all the basic facilities. The University has maintained two play grounds for the benefit of students.

The Institute has two Gent's Hostels accommodating about 55 students and two Ladies' Hostels providing accommodation for about 40 students. Modest Guest House facilities are also available on the campus.


The institute has an operational mess facility for the students as well as for the guests.


The Institute has a gymkhana that provides opportunities to students, employees and their immediate family members for recreational and cultural activities. The facilities include outdoor games such as cricket, football and volleyball and indoor games such as badminton, table tennis, carom and chess. It also has a facility of television and subscribes magazines and newspapers. The Gymkhana organizes a variety of cultural activities like lectures, debate competitions, musical programmes, and celebration of festivals. The Gymkhana is managed by a committee elected by its members, with a faculty member, nominated by the Vice Chancellor, as its chairman. The funds of the Gymkhana come from the annual grant given by the State Government to the Institute and from subscription of its members.

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