Bicentenary Online Workshop Series - Workshop 2 - Harappan Culture: New Dimensions and Paradigm Shift

About the Workshop

Before the discovery of the Harappan Civilization it was thought by many scholars that there is a gap in the cultural history of South Asia and that the settled life in this part took place only in the 6th century BCE. The discovery has not only bridged the so-called cultural gap but also at one stroke the settled life was pushed back by more than two thousand years. Continuous research activities for the past one hundred years have enabled us to understand many facets of this great Civilization.

The present workshop on Harappan Culture: New Dimensions and Paradigm Shift holds an account of new scientific discoveries and researches carried out by archaeologists since the time of its discovery at the site of Harappa hundred years ago. The workshop will be conducted as a series of lectures focusing on paradigms shift in Harappan studies from traditional understanding of material culture to analytical and interpretative approach.

More often archaeology is stigmatized to be the fact-centric subject in nature but the present workshop aims at a new approach to make understand the story and facts behind the origin and gradual development of the Harappan Civilization, its achievements in the field of basic sciences and technologies, the contribution it has made to the history of South Asia and the World and its relevance to the contemporary society.

This workshop is designed for both the professionals and the layman, which not only incorporates latest data and hypothesis about overall lifestyle including social, religious and political organizations and material culture but also analyses and interpretation of scientific data to understand their health, diet and the authors of the culture

Date of Commencement : Monday, 14th June 2021
No. of Lectures : 25 + 8 hours Discussion/ Question-Answer with Prof. Shinde
Credits : Two
Certificate : Certificate will be issueded to the participants after successful completion of the workshop.
Eligibility : Professionals/ Students/ Layman having awareness about ‘Indic Culture and Heritage’

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Date and Day           Topic
14th June 2021 Monday Keynote:  Harappan Culture- New Dimensions and Paradigm shifts; An Overview
15th June 2021 Tuesday Hundred years of Research  on the Harappan
16th June 2021 Wednesday Basic Issues in the Harappan Archeology
17th June 2021 Thursday Origin of Harappan Culture and its transformation into Civilization.
18th June 2021 Friday Harappan Architecture- Part I
19th June 2021 Saturday Discussion and Q & A  session with the speaker
21st June 2021 Monday Harappan Architecture- Part II
22nd June 2021 Tuesday Harappan Architecture- Part III
23rd June 2021 Wednesday Harappan Burial Customs
24th June 2021 Thursday Origin and Development of Harappan Crafts and Technologies – Part- I
25th June 2021 Friday Origin and Development of Harappan Crafts and Technologies - Part- II
26th June 2021 Saturday Discussion and Q & A  session with the speaker
28th June 2021 Monday Harappan Ceramic Assemblages Part I
29th June 2021 Tuesday Harappan Ceramic Assemblages Part II
30th June 2021 Wednesday Harappan Trade- Hinterland
1st July 2021 Thursday Harappan Trade - International
2nd July 2021 Friday Subsistence Patterns and Food Habits of the Harappans
3rd  July 2021 Saturday Discussion and Q & A  session with the speaker
5th July 2021 Monday Religion of the Harappan People
6th  July 2021 Tuesday Harappan Society and Polity
7th   July 2021 Wednesday Archaeogenetic Research at Rakhigarhi; Present Perspective and Future Direction
8th July 2021 Thursday Recent Perspective on the Vedic River Saraswati and Culture
9th July 2021 Friday Discussion and Q & A  session with the speaker
10th  July 2021 Saturday Understanding Harappan writing system (Script) and Language
12th July 2021 Monday Harappan Civilization vis a vis Mesopotamian and Egyptian Civilizations
13th  July 2021 Tuesday Contributions of the Harappans to the History of South Asia and the World
14 July 2021 Wednesday Relevance and the continuity of the Harappan Knowledge Systems
15 July 2021 Thursday Causes and Consequences of the Decline of the Harappan Civilization
16 July 2021 Friday Late Harappan Cultures
17 July 2021 Saturdayday Discussion and Q & A  session with the speaker

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Online Workshop Series Coordinators:
Dr. Madhavi Godbole, Deccan College PGRI, Pune
Mrs. Vrushali Joshi Deshpande , Mettle Innovations, Pune
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Workshop Coordinator
Ms. Garima Singh
Deccan College PGRI, Pune

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