Bicentenary Online Workshop Series - Workshop 1 - Ancient Indian Linguistic Tradition

About the Workshop

In the early period of the first millennium BCE, there developed a tradition of language analysis in India with a purpose to preserve the sacred language of the Vedas. It included the study of Chandas (metres), Nirukta (word explication), Śikṣā (phonetics), Prātiśākhya (phonology), Padapāṭha (word analysis), and Vyākaraṇa (grammar). Pāṇini in his Aṣṭādhyāyī (circa 4th C BCE) provided a comprehensive linguistic description of the Sanskrit language prevalent at his time which included a set of rules and exceptions of generative nature. Model of Pāṇini inspired the later grammarians to develop more or less similar models with different purposes including Pali and Prakrit grammars also. The tradition of language study flourished in many branches. The three chief disciplines of Nyāya, Mīmāṁsā and Vyākaraṇa primarily dealt with the nature of word and its meaning. They described the process of meaning comprehension from the utterance. Recent decades have experienced growing interest of computer scientists in the ancient linguistic tradition of India for various reasons. A range of tools and applications is being developed in IITs and universities to facilitate preparation of critical editions, translations and such other research activities. The objective of the present workshop is to provide glimpses of the knowledge system of the linguistic tradition of India conveyed in the early oral and written medium and also in today’s digital form.
After completing the workshop, the participants will be able to apply their learning to practical tasks in the field of Sanskrit studies and Natural Language Processing.

Date of Commencement : 1st February 2021
No. of Lectures : 20 (each of 60 minutes speech followed by 30 minutes interaction)
Credits : Two
Certificate : Certificates will be provided to the participants after successful completion of the workshop
Eligibility : Graduation in any discipline, awareness of Sanskrit language or Linguistics is desirable

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Deccan College Post Graduate & Research Institute (Deemed University), Pune, the 3rd oldest educational institute of India is celebrating its bicentenary in 2020-2021. The Deccan College has been in existence since 1821 and has built a glorious past with extensive excavations and explorations of archaeological sites, scientific study of Indian laguages and dialects, and undertaking of the ambitious Sanskrit Dictionary Project based on historical princples. This illustrious heritage of two hundred years of the University is inspiring us to boost future research activities.
Mettle Innovations, Pune is a proprietory company established in 2006. The company nurtures resources to support innovative, novel and utility-based enterprises in digital media marketing and multimedia. At Mettle Innovations, we believe in developing bridges towards creating collaboration opportunities for institutions and stakeholders. We aspire to create inclusive knowledge ecosystem.
As part of commemorating the bicentennial year of Deccan College, we have decided to organise an online workshop series in the disciplines of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, Linguistics, and Sanskrit.

Registration Details:
Registration Fees:
  • Indian Students and Scholars - 5000/-
  • International Students and Scholars - $200/-
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Beneficiary Name: Mettle Innovations
Bank Name: Bank of India
Account No: 050320110000725
IFSC code: BKID0000503
Account Type: Current
Address: Karve Road Branch, Pune, Maharashtra 411004

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Online Workshop Series Coordinators:
Dr. Madhavi Godbole, Deccan College PGRI, Pune
Mrs. Vrushali Joshi Deshpande , Mettle Innovations, Pune
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