Rights to Information


Sr. No. Name of the Nodal Officer Designation in the Office Nodal Office,Public Information Officer/First Appeliate Authority and Adminstrator Land Line No/Mobile No. Email Address given by NIC
1 Shri J.G. Kulkarni Registrar (Acting) Nodal Office 020-26513204 registrar@dcpune.ac.in
2  Shri J.G. Kulkarni Assistant Registrar Public Information Officer 020-26513237 jagannath.kulkarni@dcpune.ac.in
3 Dr. Prasad Joshi Pro-Vice Chancellor First Appeliate Authority and Administrator 020-26513232 prasad.joshi@dcpune.ac.in


Right To Information Act 2005

Manual 4(i)b(i)

Administrative structure of the University



Director/Vice Chancellor

Joint Director/Pro-Vice Chancellor


Various Sections and its Head

Dept. of Archaeology Dept. of Linguistics Dept. of Sanskrit & Lexicography Administrative Section Library Section
HOD HOD HOD Registrar Librarian
1 2 3 4 5

Academic Section Estate Section Sanskrit Dict. Project Hostels Girls/Boys Gymkhana
Assistant Registrar Estate Manager Secretary Warden/Rector Secretary
6 7 8 9 10

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